Translational Research in Dermatology

Translational Research aims to understand the pathophysiology of diseases and translate this knowledge into a therapeutic benefit for patients with skin conditions. We encourage you to help us to make it happen. We care.

Together, we can fight psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne or rosacea. We offer financial and scientific support to develop novel pharmacologically validated in vitro and in vivo research models in any of those skin diseases.

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Evaluating proposals

For Universities, Research entities, biotechs, start-ups, Hospitals, and private practitioners

€25.000 to €100.000
Open from 12/09/17 to 31/12/17

Collaboration process

Submit your proposal

Please provide abstract and a detailed description of your proposal. Please provide non-confidential information only.

Proposal evaluation

Once the call has been closed, our scientists will evaluate your proposal.

Project selection

After the evaluation period, applicants will receive Almirall’s decision regarding the acceptance of their proposal.

Collaboration starts

An Almirall expert scientist will be assigned to collaborate with you on project definition as well as project follow-up.